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Powering up your world,
without harming ours.



At MiTEC, we hold an unwavering commitment to, and deep-rooted belief in, protecting the environment. As a business, we want to do our part, and pledge to become a fully sustainable brand, with true zero carbon credentials: That’s why we created our 'Greenshoots initiative'.


In 2020, we implemented the first phase of our Greenshoots initiative; Removing all plastics from our packaging. Plastic waste is a huge factor in the pollution of our oceans, and by removing this completely, we are continuously helping to reduce the level of plastic waste in our oceans, and landfills.


Not only this, but our packaging is 100% biodegradable, meaning that it will naturally break down when landfilled, and not produce any harmful microplastics.


In 2021, through continuous work with our partners to find better ways of protecting the world we live in, MiTEC has developed the first range of biodegradable mobile accessories, made from wheat straw.


A sustainable alternative to plastic, this material is eco-friendly, breaks down naturally, and will not contribute to the rising volume of microplastics in the environment.

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Over 83% of electronic waste ends up in landfills, breaking down over a long period of time and eventually turning into harmful microplastics; Small plastic pieces, less than five millimetres long, which are increasingly polluting to our environment and oceans.


Due to their persistent, non-biodegradable nature, microplastics are highly detrimental to the organisms they come into contact with, posing potential grave consequences to human health and to the overall environment.


Scientists have warned that the flood of microplastics is a global issue, which all nations of the world need to take action to combat. Every bit as important as the war against global warming and its detrimental effect on the planet.


By swapping to biodegradable products we will not be contributing to this microplastic pollution. Our biodegradable accessories are made from wheat straw, a sustainable alternative to plastic, that does not compromise on quality. Once landfilled, this material will naturally break down, and will not cause any environmental damage in the way ordinary plastic products do.

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