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Introduction to the MiView II

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

For the average working person, staying in control of their home is often near impossible when working away all day. Coming home to missed parcels, missed guests or even a broken in home is a huge inconvenience to a busy schedule. Here at MiTEC, we have developed the perfect solution to assist with everyday convenience and making life just that bit simpler.

Introducing our new MiTEC MiVIEW Video doorbell.

Receive instant alerts when you have visitors to your home as they press the doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. Enjoy all-round, unlimited access to our free app to enable you to see and interact with visitors from their computers, tablets, or even smartphones for control of your home even when miles away.

• 2-way conversation technology

• Super Crystal-Clear 1080HD video

• View on demand with both video and audio

The MiVIEW chime bundle allows you to hear the doorbell chime in rooms away from the sound radius of the MiVIEW; meaning that you will never miss a parcel again, especially important coming up to Christmas.

The MiVIEW II is available to purchase now!

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Amazon -

For any further enquiries, feel free to contact us at or call 01543495243.

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